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Game Servers

Various game servers, at the cheapest prices.

What game are you interested?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

CS:GO is the most popular FPS multiplayer played by millions. Create your own server.

0.59$ / slot

Team Fortress 2

One of the funniest multiplayer first person shooter, make your server now!

0.49$ / slot


Find items, survive as long as you can with your Rust friends! Get started.

0.59$ / slot

San Andreas: Multi Player

The game that does not want to die. Still fun to play with friends online.

0.89$ / slot

Left 4 Dead 2

Stop wasting time to find a server, create it yourself so only your mates can join.

0.69$ / slot

Game Panel

Easy to use game panel for your server, restart & shutdown and many other configurations with just a few clicks.

No lag, high FPS

With our powerful servers with a connectivity of 1Gbs there will be no such a thing as game lags and low fps.

DDos Protection

All our game servers are protected with a powerful anti ddos protection that no one can ever put them down. Ever.

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